Dumbest things people have done when their brain was on “auto-pilot”?


1.Sleeping Dumb

  • sleeping for Hours and feels like a short nap.


  • I took a nap after work, woke up at 6pm, and the sky was about the same color it is in the morning. I went into immediate auto-pilot and made coffee, packed my lunch… and realized what I’d done when I was halfway downtown.


  • I woke up, so i automatically got dressed, prepared things to school and started making myself a breakfast. Suddenly my dad appears in the kitchen, saying: “It’s three in the morning and it’s Sunday, what the hell are you doing?”
  • One morning, after my husband left for work, I picked up the baby up out of the bassinet and went downstairs to make coffee. My husband had forgotten something and promptly came right back in to find me at the counter, brewing coffee, rocking a black and white dog in one arm, while our son still quietly chilling in his bassinet upstairs. He took the day off from work and I went back to sleep.

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