Facts for having a healthy body to your 60s


Health comes first

Some people seem to think that if you act healthy for a bit, that’s gonna make you healthier for the rest of your life. So what we can do to avoid this kind of misunderstanding. As we know our body can store the maximum energy and the carbs he could just for the days that we don’t have enough intake.

Facts for Having healthy body to Your 60
Facts for Having healthy body to Your 60/@pexels.com

 So carbs and antioxidants are like batteries for your smartphone. You can eat more vitamins, food that can only hold so much and longer in your stomach. But on the other hand, if you eat more than what you should, your body gonna work in reverse why instead of storing it, he will excrete it out like the garbage that we don’t need at our home.

The Other wrong Thing that many people do is they try to overload the food intake is like they will last for months and months and they expect it to hold for a long time, however, if you want to keep the weight you have, then keep the same amount of calories that you need in your daily basis.


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